My About ☺️

My name is Zoi, I'm originally from Ecuador and raised in Spain.

I love rave and party with my crew of ravers friends that I met in Tomorrowland 2017.

Let introduce to you why I create Ravelchic 

It all started when I went for my first time to this amazing festival and I had never dressed up before, as you can see I was wearing just colorful shirt and a small chocker. The second day at the festival I saw a group of girls and I asked them, wow you look stunning, where do you get the outfits from? They doesn't want to let me know, I was totally in shock and that let me think.

Why she doesn't want to share it? For me was very sad... so I start to look on the webs to see if I can find that amazing outfits, and I couldn't... So is when I open the shop the next year, found some suppliers who have nice outfits to look great, that motivates me and give me the idea for open the shop. I wanted that all girls that want to dress up and look stunning as much you can do it.

Sadly the next year Covid-19 hit me and I had to close the shop, but now I'm re-opening and I would like to celebrate it with all of you.

Thank you so much for still being part of my dream.